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Elizabeth González-Aoun

Penury (project), 2017. 50 x 50 x 50cm. Mixed media on paper. eli MMXVIII

In a place full of light, a mœbius band serves as a vehicle to express a state of darkness in which a whole population can submit to satisfy their basic subsistence needs. His hopes, any state of joy, aspire to a better life, all evolution in his humanity has been slowly fading, giving way to the shadow. A black mantle in the form of infinity becomes the new mental state of a population that has no other way than submission. Black, shadow, darkness have come to settle and destroy their human condition.

Memory of Infinite
A book sculpture


The line, the circle, the cylinder, the square, the cube, the triangle, the symbol of ying and yang, all contained in infinity.  We have observed, defined and even personified natural phenomena; we invented approaches, systems and industries; we have shaped our descendants among many other elements, and we remain in doubt as to our true origins, giving rise to a multitude of theories.

There is no doubt an energy in us, from birth to death, and in our life time we accept as true the knowledge of scholars and sages. The existence of matter, time, space and light represents an illusion, a virtual world in which we live, an illusion carried by the senses. Internalization becomes imperative, where one becomes aware that every daily gesture realized within this present illusion is inscribed in the infinite.

We reach this infinity ourselves, upon awakening of each of our senses and the start of our complex organism. This is how life in illusion becomes an act of subtraction from the "real" that leads us to understand the infinity. The infinity appears to us in linear form: we start from a band where we follow an edge, then we turn to the other edge 180 degrees to get what is called a loop of Möbius, a shape with a single edge, a surface to be traversed which, once unrolled returns to the appearance of a line.

Our daily journey in time is also linear, transport routes, pedestrian routes form a network of lines in each city (a phenomenon that is repeated even in the branches of trees), we tend to organize in houses and buildings that 'align, speed and light are represented by lines, men and trees are aligned radially to the planet, whose very horizon is a line for our perspective.